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Cali Flow Latino


The first songs that the Mesa Cortés brothers made were recorded over the music that their father collected.

Andrés and Hárrison were barely seven or eight years old, when, doing beat boxing and rapping, they recorded on the cassettes of Lisandro Mesa or Alfredo Gutiérrez that their father treasured.

That is perhaps the first musical memory that the creators of Cali Flow Latino have together, that Salsa Choke group from Cali whose success exploded in their faces in mid-2014 with the ‘Ras tas tas’.

Thus, some time later songs like 'Bien pegadito', 'El buchado' and 'La tusa' also sounded. However, the national and international recognition of the rhythm came with Cali Flow Latino and ‘Full HD’, a song that almost everyone calls ‘Ras tas tas’.

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