CODISCOS proudly celebrates 70 years of existence, consolidating its leadership with projects and successes of great prestige and worldwide relevance. The most important independent label in Latin America has been a fundamental player for the artistic and cultural development of the continent.

Artists such as Nicky Jam, Binomio de Oro, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, Grupo Niche, J Álvarez, Wolfine, Valentino, Peter Manjarrés, El Gran Martín Elías, El Combo de las Estrellas, Julio Jaramillo, Grupo Galé, Patricia Teherán, Los Diablitos, Helenita Vargas, Alfredo Gutiérrez, Las Hermanitas Calle, Alci Acosta, Maelo Ruiz, Ekhymosis, Kraken and many more have expressed the best of their talent and achieved success along with CODISCOS.



Codiscos produces high quality audiovisual content, creativity and innovation with a passionate team of professionals creating differentiating experiences for their audiences. Our ability to combine animation and video allows us to develop unparalleled content in multiple formats.


Mundo Canticuentos Channel reaches 4 million subscribers on YouTube.


Our Codiscos YouTube channel reaches 10 million subscribers and receives the Diamond Creator Award.


We celebrate our 70 years of history. By 2020, our YouTube channel is consolidated with more than 7 million subscribers and more than 5 billion views.


Codiscos is certified for the sixth consecutive year on YouTube.


Artist Wolfine's success song "Bella" becomes a worldwide success. As of today his video has 844 million views.


Canticuentos arrives to YouTube to become “Mundo Canticuentos” and now its one of the 3 most successful children's video channels in the country with 31 million views per month. Its artist Juana reaches 553 million views in her videos.


Nicky Jam signs with Codiscos. His singles become in a worldwide success. “Traveruras” cements his status as a Latin Urban superstar. His songs are number one on the main radio stations and streaming platforms around the world.


Peter Manjarrés wins his second Latin Grammy in the cumbia / vallenato category. His first Grammy was obtained in 2007. Both albums were released by Codiscos.


Winners of the Latin Grammy Award for Best album cover for the design of the album "Los Vallenatos de Andrés".


The era of streaming music arrives with iTunes, Spotify and Deezer.


CODISCOS started to be part of the digital revolution by launching its YouTube channel.


Colombia’s congress makes a motion recognizing Codiscos in its 50 years as a key influence of folklore and national culture.


Throughout the 90s Codiscos strongly supported national and international rock bands with groups such as Kraken, Bajo Tierra, Ehkymosis (freaturing a young Juanes) and Vilma Palma y los Vampiros, an Argentinian band which became a rock icon in latin America.


“Patricia Teherán y las Diosas del Vallenato”, the most distinguished Vallenato feminine group of all time, launches "Con aroma de mujer" (Sent of a woman) album that includes the classic "Tarde lo conocí" (It was late when I knew him).


Los Diablitos release “Los caminos de la vida” one of the most beautiful songs in Colombian music and one of the greatest classics of Vallenato music.


Rafael Orozco dies leaving an unforgettable legacy in the history of vallenato.


Juanes, together with his band Ekhymosis, releases his first album and begins his path to stardom.


With “Cielo de tambores” El Grupo Niche consolidates itself as one of the largest in the world of salsa.


Codiscos signs Grupo Niche, a group that becomes the most representative Colombian salsa orchestras in the world. “Cali pachanguero” becomes the most famous salsa song internationally.


Binomio de Oro releases their first album with “La Creciente”, a song that becomes an instant classic, thus introducing the world to the most important duo of vallenato in history.


Diomedes Díaz publishes the first album of his artistic career. Under the CODISCOS label and with the title “Herencia Vallenata” (Vallenato Heritage). “El Cacique de la Junta” is the main voice of Naffer Durán's group. The single “El Chancullito” became a radio hit in Colombia.


Canticuentos is released and since then it has been the most successful album in the history of Colombian children's music.


Seeing a business opportunity in the sale of batteries for portable music players, Tronex was founded. It currently employs more than 600 people.


The series "Exitómetro" was born, an album that compiled great hits from the ballad of artists such as Raphael, Paloma San Basilio, Camilo Sesto and Yuri.


CODISCOS releases Colombia “Sticky Fingers” by The Rolling Stones in Colombia, their album considered by critics the best of this mythical group.


Codiscos ventures into the world of portable music with the production of the first cassettes.


"El disco del año" appears in its first edition. The most successful compilation of best-of-year music that has accompanied and made Colombians dance for more than 50 consecutive years.


Alfredo Gutiérrez launches "Romance Vallenato" the most important album of the “Costeño” label to date, launching Alfredo to stardom and consolidating ‘Costeño’ as the most prominent label of Vallenato music.


“Reminisencias and other unforgettable waltzes” by Julio Jaramillo are published. Songs that to this day are heard in the bars and canteens throughout Latin America.


Through its Capitol Records representation, CODISCOS presses vinyl for Colombia, including The Beatles’ “Meet the Beatles”, the second album in music history to sell a million copies.


Codiscos begins to assemble pianos and Seaburg jukeboxes. Taking its music to the main cities of Colombia.


The first and most modern stereo recording studios in Colombia and Latin America are inaugurated in the old headquarters of Codiscos “avenida el Poblado” branch.


Codiscos becomes the representative for Colombia of Capitol Records with stars like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Jackie Gleason among many others.


The largest collection of tangos to date by Carlos Gardel are released in 9 albums.


Codiscos becomes the representative for Colombia of Capitol Records with stars like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Jackie Gleason among many others.


In-house production of 10 and 12-inch discs begins.


The Colombian Record Company is born with its Zeida seal. Codiscos is founded on the first of July by Alfredo Díez Montoya and his brothers.

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