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Grupo Galé


Grupo Galé plays salsa in its traditional style with a modern twist. The group, which is large, has three lead singers with exceptional voices that alternate as they sing.

It is not unusual to hear them using an old style to sing harmonically during the chorus and then hearing a more modern style for the rest of the song. The group is known for its musical excellence and the purity of its salsa.

Grupo Galé, from Medellín, Colombia, is directed by the musical director and congener, Diego Galé. Diego has a long and distinguished career for a relatively young man.

He was a percussionist for Grupo Niche and was a director for another of Colombia's most respected salsa groups, Grupo Caneo. He played with 'Sonora Dinamita', La Inmensidad, the late Frankie Ruíz, “El Cantante de los Cantantes,” Héctor Lavoe, Alex León, Marvin Santiago and Luis Enrique, to name some of the most recognizable names in the industry.

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