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Levi7as: Priestly Code, which is shortened to Levi7as (this word sounds like Levitas), is a Christian group of Neo Ska Latino, a genre that is their own and that was created by them to define the type of music they play.

It is made up entirely of people who attend the Central Charismatic International Mission (MCI) church of Medellín, of which it is the main worship ministry. There is something that characterizes Levitas, and that is that people, when listening to each song, feel identified, since they have had personal experiences, moments where God has raised us up.

I think that people, listening to the songs, feel that God is really speaking to their lives as well, and they receive that blessing from God.

The meaning of each song is expressed in its content. This is how it is seen, for example, in Sin sentido, a song in which the author expresses his deep need to find meaning in life, in everything he does, and makes a recognition for himself: Life is meaningless if God is not present in every activity.

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