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Pancho Uresti


Pancho began his career at age 18 as the vocalist of Banda Tierra Sagrada where he performed songs such as Soy un desmadre, Así te quiero and La buena y la mala.

After almost 2 years of belonging to this group, he launched himself as a solo artist, being very successful with his collaboration on the song Debajo del Sombrero that led him to win the category of Duet of the Year at the Bandamax 2015 awards.

Pancho Uresti's career has been of rapid rise and among the songs that have placed him at the top of the lists are: El CochiCuino, Pistearemos, Que nunca sepa, Adicto a la tristeza and Trakalosa.

At the end of 2018 he released his album entitled Corridos Exclusivos, which in a very short time managed to become one of the people's favorites.

Codiscos is ratified with the signature of this prestigious artist, as one of the record companies with the greatest impact in Latin America.

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