Moncas, the superhero of urban sound

Simón Castaño was born in 2000, surrounded by some of the most impressive Colombian landscapes, with the sea of seven colors and the musicality of the island of San Andrés y Providencia touching his eyelashes.

As a child, he was shy, withdrawn, and lonely, until poetry and music classes came to school. When that happened, everything started to make sense to him. He changed his skin, understood his place in the world, and put on a musical superhero cape, that's why he stopped calling himself simply Simón Castaño, and now we call him Moncas.

Music helped him to grow as a person, to think in different ways and today, at 19 years old and with a proud look, he says he does not want to dedicate himself to anything other than songs.

When he finished school in San Andrés, he came to Medellín to follow his mother's dream of living in this city. His idea was to study at a university and move on with his life elsewhere. He started studying music informatics, but within a month he had already dropped out of the classrooms that spoiled his dream of making a song out of his life.

He approached to La Compañía, a group from San Andres that for many years has worked on the sound of mode up, flow and Caribbean sounds, and thus, together, they made songs and put a soundtrack to dreams. In that way was how Simón arrived at our Codiscos house, became great and began his path as one of the most important international artists in our catalog.

His last release "Or Nah" proposes a musical oxygen for the industry and a necessary generational change for the music of Colombia But with the most different recent hit, FT Lightning and Toby, he transports us to American R&B, Jamaican dancehall and the urban sounds that characterize him.

His days are spent between being on the computer composing and inventing new ways to narrate his songs and browsing the unfathomable corners of YouTube, to find new songs that feed his constant learning.

And so, little by little, with good lyrics, and with an illusion and a desire as strong as life itself, this San Andres artist who is part of our Codiscos family, is emerging not as the future of world urban music, but as a wonderful present that we will have the possibility to live.


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