Top 3: The best songs of our beloved Maelo Ruíz

Ismael Ruiz Hernández, better known as Maelo Ruíz, is one of our most beloved prides in Codiscos. He began his long journey with music at the age of 16, with a sweet, powerful and recognizable voice from miles away. His wonderful story has become one of the most representative places of romantic salsa in the world of music.

Here, a selection of three songs to make us sing.

• "Te va a doler" (It is going to hurt)

It is a hymn of heartbreak, an ode to resilience and to keep walking. "Te va a doler", it's one of the most important singles in his entire musical career. It is track number 5 from the album “El tiempo del amor” from 2003.

• "Juegate a la suerte" (Play the odds)

A soundtrack to love, a proposal to happiness in a song to dance. This song, also published in 2003, became a companion piece for a love proposal in any relationship. “Juégate a la suerte conmigo, que yo nací solo para quererte, hay juégate a la suerte conmigo…” (Play the odds with me, I was born just to love you, oh play the odds with me) 

• "Por favor señora" (Please, ma'am)

This is another of his most remembered and chanted songs at concerts. A declaration of infidelity, or on the contrary, a confession of candor of the heart. Also, "por favor señora", was popularized in a pop ballad version by the Mexican singer Luis Miguel.


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