To the rhythm of Codiscos, Disney releases a preview of "Encanto"

Disney surprised the whole world this Thursday by revealing the first images of what will be its new animated film called Encanto.

This production is about a Colombian family, and will show the beauty and magic of Colombia in all its splendor. Something that surprised us was the song used in its trailer: “Colombia tierra querida”, a classic cumbia by maestro Lucho Bermudez, performed by Juan Carlos Coronel and published by the CODISCOS label, a world reference in the sound of Colombian music.

Listen to Colombia Tierra Querida, Juan Carlos Coronel

Encanto is a musical inspired by Colombia and will be released by Disney in November 2021. The animated film is directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush (Director of Zootopia). The 30-second preview features colorful butterflies and a house on a mountain surrounded by trees and wax palms, the country's national tree.

Watch the Encanto trailer on Instagram

It is about a magical family that lives in a magical house and undoubtedly refers to the magical realism of the Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez. Its main character will be Mariana, a 15-year-old girl with special powers. Other names of characters would be Juana, Inés, Lidia, Fernando and Carlos. The music will be produced by Lin Manuel Miranda, from the famous Broadway series "Hamilton"

“We found out about a production with a Colombian theme, and we made suggestions. We later found out it was for Disney. They became interested in the album Codiscos Gold The Sound of Colombia, released by our label in 2012, which highlights Colombian sounds for international audiences. Senior Hollywood executives fell in love with “Colombia Tierra Querida” and we managed to use it for synchronization in the film. "How happy they have chosen a song, and a cumbia, which is such a representative sound of Colombian music ", said Dennis Murcia, A&R International Business Development.

With this important achievement for Colombian music, Codiscos ratifies its commitment for 70 years in the promotion and dissemination of the culture of Latin America to the world.


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