Three vallenato artist's deaths that we did not expect

Kaleth Morales, Patricia Teherán and Martín Elías, were at the top of their musical careers, their voices faded and their hearts stopped when the best song to sing was still missing. Strangely, the three belong to the Caribbean territory of Colombia, and the three, with an overwhelming youth.

Today we remember them and pay tribute to their music and their legacy.

Kaleth morales

His voice has become a dream we don't want to wake up from. He was a young pioneer who was beginning to give color and sound to the new wave of traditional vallenato. Unfortunately when everything in his career was in crescendo, a traffic accident, on August 23, 2005, he silenced his voice forever. Kaleth was traveling from Cartagena to Valledupar to give a concert and just as they were over-passing a truck through the municipality of Plato in Magdalena, a hole in the asphalt caused Kaleth to lose control and crash. After being one night in a coma, on August 24, 2005 the eyes and illusions of one of the promises of Vallenato music in our country were definitively closed.

Patricia Tehran

Her golden locks, her accordion diva voice, her stories of love and desire, and her legacy, are standards of the Colombian Vallenato tradition. Patricia Tehran, left an irreplaceable void in the Colombian soundtrack. She was one of the first women to strongly empower herself with traditional vallenato and dress it up to the occasion.

Unfortunately Patricia lost her life on January 19, 1995, when she was only 25 years old. Our eternal diva "de la caja", the guacharaca and the accordion was traveling in her car from Barranquilla to Cartagena, in a place known as Lomita Arenas, there one of the tires exploded and the vehicle lost control. That was her last trip. And not only was her career in a beautiful process, but also the life of her son in her womb, only four months old. We lost her, but thanks to her songs she continues to resonate in our hearts.

Martin Elias Diaz

The musical and party breed of the Díaz surname passed from generation to generation. Diomedes made of his life an accordion and of his history an eternal vallenato. The same happened with his children, and especially with the existence of The great Martín Elías, because with his head-held-high, understanding his past and projecting his future, he built himself as one of the representative figures of the new wave of vallenato. His sound and stories were followed by hundreds of martinistas throughout the Colombian territory.

And when everything was in tune, and Martín was experiencing a great moment of consolidation and expansion, a car accident took his life. Everything happened after finishing a concert in Coveñas. All the artistic and technical team traveled back to rest. They were on the road that leads from Lorica to San Onofre, and in the Aguas Negras sector, the driver of the vehicle lost control and the fatal accident occurred.

In a hospital in Sincelejo, we lost one of the voices that, without a doubt, would have put the new vallenato in another place, our Great Martín Elías.


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