Noblezza's musical revolution

Noblezza, is a fun musical proposal which came from the heart of Álvaro Eugenio Camargo Jaraba, a curious singer who wants to change the way of dancing in the continent.

Born in Santa Marta, was raised in El Plato Magdalena, on the banks of the river, musical inspiration from Colombia, and then he went to live in Barranquilla, to end up settled in the capital. Each of these places gave him a different sound: cumbia, carnival, reggae, island music and all the urban sound. Those territories were the basis of his current musical proposal called Noblezza.

He quickly enchanted not only the ears of our Codiscos family, but many Colombians eager to dance and feel the Colombian party.

And now, he presents his new song "Loco", the fourth single from his album "PuraMelaza & PuroLove", a reggaeton that fuses the proclamations of the chorus of a cumbia composed by the artist, turning into a catchy and mischievous rhythm like the punchline of his raps.

Loco, the new Noblezza premiere, is a good excuse to fall in love dancing to the rhythm of Colombian reggae.


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