Quiero Volar ContigoDavid Zahan
Cruz Del Perdón (Acoustic Remix)Banda SOS WorshipLevi7as
Hoy Quiero SoñarSalsa LibreAguanilé
Yo Te Creo RemixLevi7as
Me Alimento De TiEncanto Vallenato
De Fiesta Pa'l TolimaBandafiesta



For over 70 years, CODISCOS has made the dreams of great artists come true, positioning itself as the most important independent label in Latin America. Our team of A&R’s, digital marketing, promotions, digital platforms, application developers and audiovisual experts, offer our artists the possibilities to communicate with their fans in a 360-degree experience.

Mundo Canticuentos

For more than five decades Mundo Canticuentos has entertained multiple generations with children's content, including songs, events and videos. Canticuentos characters include Sammy el heladero (Sammy the Ice Cream Maker), El pájaro carpintero (The Woodpecker), La Iguana y el Perezoso (The Iguana and the Sloth), el Ratón Japonés (The Japanese Mouse), El Trencito Cañero (The sugar cane train), and La Bruja Loca (The crazy witch) . These characters are some of the most beloved by Latin American families. Go to the site.

Codiscos Films

We produce high quality, creative and innovative audiovisual content with a team of professionals passionate about designing different experiences for targeted audiences. Our ability to combine animation and video allows us to develop unmatched content in multiple formats.Go to the site


Panter is the creative and technological division of CODISCOS which develops projects combining creative design, animation and digital interfaces with the highest quality standards. Our clients include major companies such as Davivienda, Bancolombia, EPM, Teleantioquia, Fundación Bolivar, Tronex, The Museum of Modern Art, Andrés Carne de Res, Inexmoda, Bratz dolls and, Lalaloopsy, among others.

Codiscos Publishing

CODISCOS publishing is the division specialized in ensuring the protection of writers, composers, and economic rights of our musical works globally. We promote our authors and composers for the recording of their works by artists of national and international stature. With a catalog of more than 200,000 works, our portfolio offers synchronization opportunities to content generators for film, television, commercials and digital platforms.

Specialized audio

CODISCOS' specialized audio division is dedicated to the distribution and installation of equipment from top professional audio brands. Our clients are recognized artists and theaters, show production companies, hotels, bars, discos and commercial spaces nationwide.

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